firefly stare (catastrophe___x) wrote in rockstrong_am,
firefly stare

Andrew fans!

Hey everyone!

I run an Andrew-inspired website called and I'm re-launching it this week with a new fan section. The fan section will showcase fan-taken live concert photos and photos of fans with Andrew and/or members of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate.

If you want to be featured on the site, you can send your photos as attachments to OR post them as a comment on this post (I'll screen comments).

Please include the following information with your photo(s):

First Name (and Last Name if you wish)
Location and Date of Concert
Your email address (will NOT be posted on the site)

I am also looking for photos of Andrew, Jacks, and SoCo-inspired artwork done by fans and photos of JM/Andrew/SoCo-decorated bedrooms, dorm rooms, and apartments. You can also submit those photos via this entry or emailed as attachments to with your name and location.


Christina ♥
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